I read a series of posts on Twitter this morning by The Angry GM, where he ranted, in his usual style, about the upcoming D&D Beyond project: another attempt at bringing D&D into the digital world. It’s not hard to be skeptical about it, given the unexplained cancellations of the previous projects, and the lackluster offering that was DDI. It doesn’t help matters that:

  • Wizards of the Coast seems to have an allergy to releasing PDFs of their current material (as Angry GM points out);
  • Digital content released through their current “partnerships” is prohibitively priced;
  • Wizards has a reputation of litigiousness and paranoia concerning their intellectual property.

While I’m piling on, let’s look at all three major editions of Dungeons and Dragons that Wizards has released. Each has required either major revisions as follow-ups (3.5 and Essentials), or have fundamentally broken components (PHB Ranger), which seem feels like there’s a something fundamentally broken in the design and development process.

Given all of this, it’s hard (for me) to want to continue playing D&D.