shut down last night.

My friend, @doctorlinguist, captured the last posts using his app, Texapp: 

I like @berg’s send-off post. (It’s unfortunate that the last post was spam.)

Apropos to current events, I encountered this passage reading Carl Sagan’s “Contact”:

Just at the moment when some additional unifying force is needed, this bolt comes from the blue. From the black, she corrected herself. From twenty-six light-years away, 230 trillion kilometers. It’s hard to think of your primary allegiance as Scottish or Slovenian or Szechuanese when you’re all being hailed indiscriminately by a civilization millennia ahead of you. The gap between the most technologically backward nation on the Earth and the industrialized nations was, certainly, much smaller than the gap between the industrialized nations and the beings on Vega. Suddenly, distinctions that had earlier seemed transfixing—racial, religious, national, ethnic, linguistic, economic, and cultural—began to seem a little less pressing.


“We are all humans.”


Impromptu trip to IKEA. Basic law of universe says you can’t get out without spending at least $50. Almost there. 😉

I forgot how much information is spread all over the 1e books. It’s taken 2 nights to create 5 1st-level characters. #DnD

Proud to be the 119th backer on @BackerKit for The Orcish-English Dictionary… | Thx @mattvancil!