With sadness, I finished listening to episode 300 of the Gamerstable podcast, the last episode. It’s come to be one of my favorite podcasts, and I will miss hearing their voices (and I finally was able to identify each of them!). You guys are awesome, I’m jealous of your group, and I laughed heartily with every episode. Keep on keepin’ on!

Impromptu trip to IKEA. Basic law of universe says you can’t get out without spending at least $50. Almost there. 😉

I forgot how much information is spread all over the 1e books. It’s taken 2 nights to create 5 1st-level characters. #DnD

Proud to be the 119th backer on @BackerKit for The Orcish-English Dictionary… | Thx @mattvancil!

RT @daplusk: I hope I live through the zombie apocalypse long enough to see two zombies making out so I can say ‘get a tomb’

Proud to be the 159th backer on @BackerKit for Upwind RPG – Treasure Planet … | Thx @stewartwieck! https://t.co/FLUAVSvCut

RT @GamrstbleJayson: I’m pretty sure @realDonaldTrump is killing all of these celebs to repay the debt he owes to Satan.