I was touched by this statement from the Believer’s Bible Commentary, on the creation of Eve in Genesis 2:

Woman was taken not from Adam’s head to dominate him, nor from his feet to be trodden down, but from under his arm to be protected, and from near his heart to be loved.

So, if you have a package.json file without a version key in it, and try to run any variation of the “npm version” command, it will fail and NOT TELL YOU WHY. (This is one of the reasons why Javascript and the whole ecosystem needs to be wiped from the face of the planet.)

Coming to realize that, unless you’re using Jenkins with a paid cloud service that supports real authentication/authorization, no one uses Jenkins with a proper security setup, because there are no plugins or configuration options that support such a thing.

I’ve decided to resume development of Initiative! for the iPad. I’m still a bit grumpy about having to pony up the $99 (+ tax) for the developer account, but this is for me.

The Houston Astros cheating scandal is disgraceful. The team should be stripped of its titles, fined heavily, banned from the sport for a number of years, and all players and management involved prevented from participating in any capacity for the same period.

And counter-arguments like this are utterly retarded. (Sam Hill, you’re a disgusting, terrible person.)