In a post on EN World commenting on the artwork for the cover of the second edition The One Ring rulebook, a commenter exclaims:

A female dwarf adventurer in Tolkien’s universe? No thank you. Too much against canon for me.

I really detest this kind of closed-minded grognardia. Anyone who bothers to study the canon of dwarves in Middle-Earth knows that, while they are rare, female dwarf adventurers are not a violation of canon.

I’m seriously thinking about abandoning the Mac and iOS as a development platform. Apple’s ever-tightening stranglehold on their platforms, along with their incompetence in managing it just make the whole thing unpalatable.

There have been several previous iterations of this site. Here is another attempt. It is meant to be my personal space, where I can share my thoughts (and keep control of them), as well as other personal items, like my CV, testimony, RPG-related things, etc.