I know it’s frustrating that the USMNT squandered a win today in their opening match, but is it too much to ask the press to get behind the team than crap all over them?

Just picked up the new Glass Hammer album, Skallagrim: Into the Breach. Amazing. Who in the world is Hannah Pryor and where did she come from? Such an amazing voice!

I made another attempt to start working on a web application in Swift with Vapor. It didn’t get very far.

Apple introduces things like Property Wrappers, and the Vapor project responds by rewriting the entire framework, leaving behind work only partially done for serious web application components like JSON API, and the authors of those projects can’t keep up or lose interest.

Looks like it’s back to reliable and feature-complete Python and Flask.

Apple needs to release to the development community whatever IDE they are using internally, because there is no way they can write an operating system or other applications with the joke IDE Xcode.

Or, maybe they are using Xcode internally, and that explains why their software sucks so badly of late. 👿